REBOUND offers an ideal solution to many problems that gardeners have to put up with all year round – problems such as weeds taking over flower beds, the winter months freezing the soil and plants and plant roots, slugs and snails demolishing flower beds and veg.

Our GARDENCARE Rubber Chippings will stop weeds from growing and spreading, will act as an insulating blanket over the winter months protecting both the soil and plant roots from freezing. GARDENCARE Rubber Chippings also act as the perfect repellent to slugs and snails, keeping them far away from the prized flower beds and veg patches. GARDENCARE Rubber Chipping are also an excellent deterrent for dogs and cats, keeping them away from borders and flower beds.

GARDENCARE Rubber Chippings offer a colourful & natural look to your border or flower bed, in combination with no maintenance, no colour deterioration and no blowing away in the wind. GARDENCARE Rubber Chippings last may times longer than traditional wood or bark chippings and are completely unaffected by saturation either by rain or from a garden hose they simply allow the rain, or hosed water to pass straight on through to the soil below, therefore watering and feeding our plants but suppressing weeds.