About Rebound – rubber chippings for Playareas and Gardens

REBOUND create rubber chippings developed from practical environmentally friendly solutions, as standard we do not use irreplaceable natural resources. We create sustainable rubber chippings from recycled tyres and manufacture the water based acrylic paints at our manufacturing site in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Recycling is no longer an option, it is a necessity and a responsibility for us all and as a forward thinking business our aim is to continually create and develop quality products using recycled materials.

We use recycled tyres that would normally be destined for landfill or incineration and everything we do is designed to offer practical and effective environmentally friendly solutions.

REBOUND PLAYSAFE & GARDENCARE Rubber Chippings are a safe, colourful, easy to use, long lasting alternative to wood bark, wood chippings & aggregate.
Our Rubber Chippings are very cost effective, extremely durable and will not rot or degrade. They are also unaffected by rain, snow or ice. In addition, they are simple to install and require minimum maintenance.

Our PLAYSAFE & GARDENCARE Rubber Chippings last for a minimum of 10 years retains its effectiveness as a safe surface throughout its lifetime. Rubber Chippings are unappealing to insects and pests and the product dries quickly, which means play areas can be used more often.


Why Are Rubber Chippings Good for the Environment

Rubber Chippings were born out of an idea with what to do with waste tyres. Tyres at the end of their vehicular life due to wear or damage causes the UK a huge problem regarding their safe and environmentally sound disposal.

The waste tyres are chopped and shredded into small and randomly shaped chippings. All the tyre wire in the PLAYSAFE range is removed at the shredding process, leaving just the Rubber Chippings. We take the Rubber Chippings and coat with a colourful, durable, weather resistant and non-hazardous paint, turning the once waste tyre into highly colourful and durable Rubber Chipping that is the ideal solution for use in your children’s play areas.

Our Rubber Chippings provide a very clean, surface for your gardens. They are completely impervious to moisture so any contaminants that lands on them are very quickly washed away with rain water or when watering your garden. Regular hosing down keeps the chippings looking clean and provides a dust free environment, they are durable and weather stable which enables rain or hose water to quickly soak through and away from the Rubber Chippings allowing fast drying time allowing playtime to resume quicker and last longer after a rain shower.

With the recent flooding problems experienced all over the country, environmental experts are saying we should reduce the amount of concreting in our garden and driveway areas to allow rain water to soak into the ground, therefore helping to stop the risk of flooding. Using our coloured rubber chipping not only allow a garden area too low very attractive but are also completely maintenance free, and have superb drainage properties as the rubber chippings are completely water proof which will help stop water from standing and pooling and potentially becoming a flood issue.

At REBOUND we aim to manufacture the best and highest quality of coloured Rubber Chipping for use in children’s play areas and gardens. Our coloured rubber chippings help provide safe and functional surfaces that require no maintenance once applied.

The durable and weather stable rubber chippings enables rain or hose water to quickly soak through and away from the rubber chippings allowing fast drying time allowing playtime to resume quicker and last longer after a rain shower.


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Why Use Rebound

  • We can supply our own branded membrane in 2 sizes (14m2 & 40m2) - please ask for details
  • Every 10kg of Rubber Chippings represent about 2.5 used car tyres.
  • Will last for up to 10 years.
  • Delivery’s made on pallets direct to your driveway.
  • All bags are colour coded for ease of display in a retail environment.
  • Our suppliers are fully compliant with all EA regulations & audited regularly.
  • REBOUND PLAYSAFE meets British & EU safety standards for loose fill safety play surfacing.
  • We have a capacity of 3,000+ tonnes per year.
  • Free 100gm sample packs available – ‘see before you buy’