6mm Mixed Colour 1
6mm Mixed Colour 2btybtyMixed Crumb

Mixed Coloured Rubber Crumb – 6mm


Product Description


During our production process we produce a small amount of Mixed Coloured Rubber Crumb.

This 6mm sized Rubber Crumb is a mixture of all the colours we produce & is ideal for the top of garden tubs, window boxes or tree bases. It can be mixed with your own resin to form a solid surface.

It is sold in 2 sizes – a 20kg polywoven bag, & a big bag that contains ~500kg.

The price are:

20kg Bag = £3.00 (+delivery +vat)

Big Bag @ ~500kg = £50.00 (+delivery +vat)

If you’re interested please e-mail info@re-bound.co.uk or call on 01226 707 863 for further information & a quote.

Additional Information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions .35 x .35 x .42 m