Posted on 13th September 2016

Rebound Chippings for High Hopes Riding for the Disabled

tapfreight rda

During the production process of our PLAYSAFE & GARDENCARE Rubber Chippings we produce a by-product of a ‘Fluffy’ grade of chippings. This is not suitable for colouring but is still clean & usable.

We deliver this material free of charge to our local Riding for the Disabled at High Hopes Riding Centre for them to use as a base on their equine arenas.

We have so far this month delivered 5,000 kilos, with an ongoing agreement to carry on the partnership.

Thanks goes out to our haulage company, TAP Freight Ltd, & their director Bob Milton who was only too happy to deliver the material free of charge stating ‘it is good that we are both in a position to help a good cause’

Instructor, Marjorie Sheppard, at High Hopes has thanked REBOUND for their generous ongoing donation & support.